What are the benefits?

Why eat plant-based food?

People who eat predominantly plant-based foods have proven health benefits. The food is natural, the food provides valuable ingredients and usually few calories. However, high-fat vegetable foods are also important. Nuts and seeds are the fat suppliers among plants. Their fats are considered to be of particularly high quality and can help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Vitamins and minerals for a healthy life

Nuts, fruit, vegetables, cereals and pulses provide plenty of vitamins and minerals with important functions in the metabolism. The colour of fruit and vegetables already reveals a lot about their ingredients. For example, yellow and orange varieties contain beta-carotene - good for eyesight. Green vegetables provide folic acid - good for the brain. The red pigment in tomatoes is called lycopene - good for the heart. Thus a multicolored selection provides for a balanced supply of important vitamins and minerals.

Dietary fiber - not at all just ballast

Especially whole grain cereals and legumes contain a lot of fibre. What used to be regarded as unnecessary ballast - hence the name - is now the focus of interest. The intestine, now often called the abdominal brain, can start a lot with the hardly digestible dietary fibres. For example, the important bacterial flora changes as a result of ingestion. All in all, dietary fibres contribute to a healthy intestine.

Secondary plant substances

Vitamins, minerals and fibre have all been heard before. The secondary plant substances are much less known and less researched. The group of substances comprises a large number of different substances, including colorants, fragrances and flavors. In plants, they are used as food additives, attractants or building materials. In humans, they can help to reduce oxidative stress, reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure. This is yet another good reason to have ample access to plant foods.

People and the environment - everyone wins

Not only humans benefit from a plant-based diet, it is also good for the environment. Plant foods consume fewer resources such as soil and water than animal products. Sustainable cultivation also relieves the burden on the environment. VeVeRo therefore stands for an enjoyable diet with environmentally and climate-friendly food.

Better living and so easy - unbelievable, you have to try it!

How does vegan work?

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An easy start

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