Part 1 Everything great with Superfoods?

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What are superfoods and what superpower do they give us? We take a critical look at exotic and domestic power foods and how they fit deliciously and healthily into our diet.

What Superfoods are there?Let's start at the beginning: What are Superfoods? The English Oxford Dictionary defines superfoods as foods that are particularly rich in nutrients and therefore beneficial to our well-being and health. With these properties, they understandably have many followers. But what foods are considered superfood, what makes them special and are they really super?

What Superfoods are there?

Superfoods are very different foods: many are new to our diet, others are at home with us. From afar, for example, there are açai berries, goji berries or chia seeds, while linseed, nuts and oats are also native. Among the celebrated ingredients are antioxidants as well as vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and high mineral content. Superfoods can be divided into the groups Superfruits, Superveggies or Supergreens and Supergrains. From berries and vegetables to seeds and kernels, everything is included.

Valuable ingredients

Valuable ingredientsThe definition makes it clear: Superfoods are particularly rich in nutrients. This makes them a successful supplement to our diet. However, so far there are hardly any studies that show the effect of individual fruits, seeds and nuts. Unfortunately, therefore, we have to assume so far that a single foodstuff cannot confer any superpowers. But there are first indications that certain ingredients are really healthy. The positive health effects of omega-3 fatty acids or certain antioxidants have already been studied. Ultimately, it remains a question of enjoyment and personal lifestyle with which superfoods we would like to supplement our diet.

What makes Superfoods so appealing?

Superfoods have a reputation for making us attractive and healthy, keeping us fit and performing well. Anyone who is a bit self-respecting will go for chia pudding with açai berries in the morning or at least a green smoothie with wheatgrass. This is certainly better than throwing coffee into the office without breakfast and with a paper cup. Whether the exotic products perform better than domestic berries, oats and linseed remains to be doubted.

Criticism of Superfoods

Nutrition experts criticise above all the hype about the special foods. Some of the products that are sold here at high prices come from areas of the world where agriculture should be going in a different direction.
Even if a superberry contains a particularly large number of healthy ingredients, it is questionable whether it can actually increase our well-being with its relatively small consumption quantity.

The exotic fruits are very suitable as a change on the menu, but we should also keep an eye on the exact cultivation conditions, the perhaps unknown production method and the long transport routes before we grab them every day and blindly rely on uncertain promises.

It's the mixture that makes the difference

At VeVeRo we see both the possible health benefits of superfoods and their problematic side. We would like to encourage you to consider this topic. For a healthy diet, the following applies anyway: Eat a variety of foods. Take advantage of local products whenever you have the opportunity. The range is large: linseed, sea buckthorn, various berries, walnuts, oats and rose hips are among them.It's the mixture that makes the difference

In the meantime even goji berries and quinoa are cultivated in Germany. So you get superfoods that are produced under controlled conditions and are delivered to you via short transport routes.

You will find more details about Superfruits, Supergrains and Supergreens here in the blog in the future. We also like to show you the local alternatives and their valuable ingredients.

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