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You have probably heard the name buckwheat before, but buckwheat is rarely used in everyday cooking. We want to change that, because the small triangular grains are gluten-free and have a lot of potential. Although the term wheat suggests a subspecies, buckwheat is not a grain, but is…

Buckwheat - fairly unknown

Botanically speaking, buckwheat belongs to the knotweed family, like rhubarb or dock. This makes buckwheat gluten-free and an alternative for intolerances & generally a versatile addition to plant-based cuisine.

Small power grains

What makes the grains so special? They have a slightly nutty taste and are deliciously crunchy. They also look great as a topping in salads, soups or fresh grain porridge. And the ingredients are impressive, because there is a lot here, from high-quality protein to minerals, trace elements to vitamins and essential amino acids. This makes buckwheat a special ingredient and ideally suited for raw food muesli. Therefore, add the whole grains or crushed grains to the muesli.

Buckwheat sprouts

Do you know sprouts? Buckwheat is very easy to sprout, in 2-3 days already the grains turn into small sprouts. The process of sprouting, taken from nature, opens up a wonderful possibility for us in the kitchen to grow the best food ourselves.
This is what happens during germination - triggered by watering, the life force in the grain awakens. Now oxygen, moisture and heat ignite the processes of enzyme formation, which increases the content of the ingredients, which often multiply. It is pure life itself and the period of the highest possible concentration of nutrients & vital substances. Never again will the plant be able to offer us more than now.

Simply try sprouting

Take 2 TBSP. of buckwheat grains and soaked for 4 hours. If you don't have a germination jar at hand, you can use a small sieve to drain off the water. Place the sieve on a glass to drain the grains. Rinse twice a day, that's all you need to do and after 2–3 days the sprouts are ready.

Baking with buckwheat

The classic is the buckwheat pancake, also called blini - from savoury to sweet. Our version is an interesting alternative. With buckwheat and an almond-cashew liquid, sweetened with figs, whose sweetness is slightly enhanced by baking soda, lemon juice and salt. Very tasty and easy to prepare, only a little time is needed because we prepare a lot ourselves. In return, fun and enjoyment are guaranteed.

Recipe - will be added soon...


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