About VeVeRo

About VeVeRo - vegetarian.vegan.raw


is a website that provides lived practice and fundamental knowledge - for a healthy and conscious lifestyle. Taking preventive action is the easiest way to defend one's own health. Those who have understood this necessity, who have reoriented their inner attitude, can avoid the so-called civilisation diseases unbelievably effectively, or can more than just alleviate existing complaints.

Sometimes all you need is a little push, a hint, a few relieving ideas - that's what we want to give you. Our look over the horizon leads you into the green, into the colourful - into an unbelievable variety! Reiner Reinhold

What you can expect

the VeVeRo approach is holistic - from the idea to the concrete implementation, including cooperation & collaboration with organic partners and utilised resources. Our Webshop carries only organic certified products, free of pesticides, whether food, wine or spirits. It is also worth taking a look behind the scenes, over the shoulders of the main players - the farmers, vintners and distilleries. Wherever possible, we accompany them, report with small appetizers or big stories, about their passion and what drives them.  Stay with us, we look forward to seeing you!

Entry made easy

Learn more about organic products at fair prices, in quantities that are worthwhile - environmentally friendly packaging.

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Why eat vegetable?

Colourful is healthy: vegetable foods offer plenty of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

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