About VeVeRo

About VeVeRo

What is VeVeRo all about

The name VeVeRo stands for "vegetarian", "vegan" and "raw" and reflects on diets that have significantly influenced my life since the early 2000s. Looking back, the beginnings has been a time of misguided paths characterized by misconceptions, dogmatism and missionary phases, whereby I irritated those around me with "I know it better". But they were my formative years, they set limits and at the same time opened my personal perception and expanded my possibilities. And these are enormous - but they require the courage to take responsibility and a strong will to want to change one's personal life. It is not only your own organism that puts up a fight in its entirety, but also your immediate and closest environment can react with a powerful headwind. Reiner ReinholdThis is normal and predictable, because changes that are permanent and demand something are (usually) not welcome.

While health aspects initially influenced my diet and lifestyle, today it is considerations about the environment, climate and a more social world. Priorities in life have changed, my ecological footprint determines more and more my actions. Organic food has become a normal part of life, a fragrant cup of coffee is part of it and why not a glass of wine or gin.

What you can expect

Here at VeVeRo, the focus is on practical content and fundamental knowledge.Because trying something new needs incentives and ideas that then make it easier to look beyond the familiar horizon. What you learn here corresponds to real-life practice. The products presented are all certified organic and pesticide-free, no matter if food, wine or spirits. But it is also interesting to take a look behind the scenes, so to speak, at the main players - the farmers, vintners and distilleries. We want to accompany them and report with background information about their passion and what drives them. 
VeVeRo's approach is holistic - from the idea to the concrete implementation, including cooperation with organic partners and resources used. Where there is a will, there is creativity, which, if properly directed, can enable many people to integrate more ecology and environmental awareness into their lives, whether in their private or business lives.

Start with small steps ...

... even small steps bring us closer to the goal of conscious consumption, - organic & sustainable. Let yourself be inspired, our life is too short to settle for less. Wishing you success!

Entry made easy

Learn more about organic products at fair prices, in quantities that are worthwhile - environmentally friendly packaging.

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Why eat vegetable?

Colourful is healthy: vegetable foods offer plenty of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

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